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Encryption between routers...

I just recently took over a network that is wireless between sites, 8 sites total. Before the previous admin left he told me WEP was not enabled on the local access points but Cisco Encryption on the routers was. My question is how can I confirm that Cisco Encryption is enabled and where can I get more information about this. My concern is when I do a "show run" it doesn't say anything about encryption anywhere except for the enabled password. I plan on getting WEP going ASAP but I need to know if this previous person was telling me the truth and whether or not to look into a more secure option.

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Encryption between routers...

When I run the command "sow run | incl crypto" It just goes to the next line like I just hit the enter key nothing shows up. When I do the command "show crypto isakmp sa" I get an error message "Invalid input detected at '^' marker" I've done it more then once and every time it points to the word "Crypto" I'm assuming this guy lied to me and I have no encryption on this network....any other ideas?? in the meantime I'll check out the link you provided me.... Thanks

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