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Engineers to Users

At present I currently maintain a network with 25000+ ports and 7500+ users.

I am trying to find out if there is any offical information as to how many engineers it would take to look after the network.

Maintenence only of the network.


Re: Engineers to Users

No, there are no hard fast numbers for this. Customer requrements will drive this. Some trending would need to be done to tell what your HW failure rate is (need for Maint/replacement/etc), what the customer requirements are (do they change often, do they require new services that would require work?/etc). Also many have a different definition as to what "maintenence" is. Some say it's keeping the network up and operational, some say this as well as implementation of new requirements... That will drive your #'s.

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Re: Engineers to Users

Just as an example, I manage a network with 240 nodes and 5000 users. We have 20 Infrastructure Technicians that manage the network, and 10 more that manage servers and services. We do this quite successfully.

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Re: Engineers to Users

Do you do a lot a moves and changes,upgrades and have your 20 technicians got cisco certifications. I am interested in this because I look after 230 nodes

and 7500+ users at present by myself.

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Re: Engineers to Users


The Ideal statistics that one would advice is dependent on may factors of the network like

1. The nature of the network ( Production support or Backoffice)

2. The type of the network (Topology that is also inclusive of the WAN Interface availability and downtime analysis)

3. Is the network (ie) the components that are involved in them relatively new or quite an old setup.

4. The influence of third party service providers in the network stability etc.

All of these factors would have their own implications on the number of the staff that would be required to maintain and run the NW succesfully.

My environment consists of 3000 nodes and 8 WAN links that is being currently handled by 4 people.



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