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Enhanced Object tracking for HSRP


I have configured Enhanced Object tracking for HSRP on two of my Cisco 3745 routers running IOS ver 12.2(15) T.

I have configured the HSRP to track the Ip route reachability. But I am using static routes to do my routing. There is no dyanmic routing protocols active.

My query is , does this Ip route reachability feature work with static routes?

That is if the static route is not reachable, does the "IP route reachability feature " know that the route is down and switch over the HSRP router?

If not, what other options do I have?

One more query is -- Can i enable RIP on loopback interfaces?


Re: Enhanced Object tracking for HSRP

I think IP route reachability feature should work with static routes. yes, you can enable RIP on a loopback interface.

The Enhanced Object Tracking feature separates the tracking mechanism from HSRP and creates a separate standalone tracking process that can be used by any other process as well as HSRP. This feature allows tracking of other objects in addition to the interface line-protocol state.

A client process such as HSRP, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), or Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP), can now register with the tracking service their interest in tracking a particular object such as an interface or a route and then be notified when the tracked object changes state.

Below is a goodlink for the Enhanced Object tracking . Also it has the information scaled metric for various routes like static, ISIS etc.

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Re: Enhanced Object tracking for HSRP


Thanks for the reply. I have tried the Enhanced Object tracking on static routes.It is definitely not working at least in my scenario. We have two IPLC sbetween Bangalore and Uk and these are connected by two pairs of MGX 8850s at two ends. Each MGX 8850 has a FRSM card which is connected to the router using a DCE-DTE cable combination. We have enabled HSRP between the routers in bangalore and the routers in UK and it was configured to track the serial interface. But when the IPLc went down the serial interface line protocol was still up. Thus HSRP was not changing over. This is where we tried putting the enhanced object tracking.We have static routes doing the routing.I have configured enhanced object tracking to track the IP route reachability. But the route reachablity is always up inspite of the link going down. That is the reason for my query. I was thinking if i could configure lopback interfaces on all the four routers and enable rip among them and then let HSRP track the Ip route reachability of the loopback interfaces. Do you think this will work. The refernce to static route in the document you mentioned is in the Scaled Route Metrics section and not in the IP route reachability section.


Re: Enhanced Object tracking for HSRP

Since you have multiple links connecting the sites, you may have route to a particular network even if one link goes down, depending on your configuration. HSRP should monitor the route that will go down even if one of the links fail. You should configure enhanced object tracking for that route.

Idle solution would be , if it is possible to configure IP address on MGX 8850 on the WAN link and to enable the enhanced object tracking on it


Re: Enhanced Object tracking for HSRP

Maybe you can utilize Frame Relay end-to-end keepalives to ensure that the interfaces change state when DTE-DTE connectivity is lost. This will, in turn, remove any routes from the routing table which point to the interface.

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