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Error 619 specified port is not connected

We have a 3640 with an NM-30DM and a NM-1CE1U

Since the router recently lost power unexpectedly many of our users when trying to dial the router using an analogue modem are unable to establish a connection and receive the following message:

Error 619 specified port is not connected

Users dialling over ISDN are un-affected by this problem.

The config is as it was before the loss of power.

Any Ideas

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Error 619 specified port is not connected

As the problem is with analogue callers only, you might have an issue with your modem board.

Try the command: sh modem status

to check for any dead or locked modems.



New Member

Re: Error 619 specified port is not connected

Thanks for the reply Leo, I've done as you said and below is the output from one of my modems.

Any Ideas as to what I should be looking for?

I should also point out that some analogue callers can connect some of the time which would indicate that some modems have problems.

Thanks again for your help.

sh modem operational-status 2/0

Modem (2/0) Operational Status:

Parameter #0 Disconnect Reason Info: (0xDF00)

Type (=6 ): Tx (host to line) data flushing - OK

Class (=31): Requested by host

Reason (=0 ): non-specific host disconnect

Parameter #1 Connect Protocol: LAP-M

Parameter #2 Compression: V.42bis both

Parameter #3 EC Retransmission Count: 0

Parameter #4 Self Test Error Count: 0

Parameter #5 Call Timer: 28 secs

Parameter #6 Total Retrains: 0

Parameter #7 Sq Value: 3

Parameter #8 Connected Standard: V.90

Parameter #9 TX,RX Bit Rate: 46666, 31200

Parameter #11 TX,RX Symbol Rate: 8000, 3429

Parameter #13 TX,RX Carrier Frequency: 0, 1959

Parameter #15 TX,RX Trellis Coding: 0, 16

Parameter #16 TX,RX Preemphasis Index: 26, 3

Parameter #17 TX,RX Constellation Shaping: Off, Off

Parameter #18 TX,RX Nonlinear Encoding: Off, Off

Parameter #19 TX,RX Precoding: Off, Off

Parameter #20 TX,RX Xmit Level Reduction: 0, 0 dBm

Parameter #21 Signal Noise Ratio: 37 dB

Parameter #22 Receive Level: -24 dBm

Parameter #23 Frequency Offset: 0 Hz

Parameter #24 Phase Jitter Frequency: 0 Hz

Parameter #25 Phase Jitter Level: 0 degrees

Parameter #26 Far End Echo Level: -33 dBm

Parameter #27 Phase Roll: 0 degrees

Parameter #28 Round Trip Delay: 13 msecs

Parameter #30 Characters transmitted, received: 43, 176

Parameter #32 General Portware Information: 26

Parameter #33 PPP/SLIP packets transmitted, received: 0, 0

Parameter #35 PPP/SLIP packets received (BAD/ABORTED): 0

Parameter #36 EC packets transmitted, received OK: 2, 2

Parameter #38 Moving Average of EC packets (Received BAD/ABORTED): 0

Parameter #39 Robbed Bit Signalling (RBS) pattern: 0

Parameter #40 Digital Pad: None, Digital Pad Compensation: Enabled

Parameter #42 SS7/COT Status: 0

Parameter #43 V110/PIAFS frames received bad: 0

Parameter #44 V110/PIAFS frames received good: 0

Parameter #45 V110/PIAFS frames transmitted: 0

Parameter #46 V110/PIAFS sync lost: 0

Re: Error 619 specified port is not connected

I found a URL for you about troubleshooting mica modems. Please check it to make sure that your modems are OK.



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