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error boot system tftp on 6509

On a 6509 with (1) msfc running 12.1.6E8, I am testing how to recover from a failed IOS image. As a test, I set the boot statements to:

boot system tftp directory/c6msfc-jsv-mz.121-6.E8.bin <server ip>.

boot bootldr bootflash: <boot-image>

boot system tftp keeps failing and I'm not sure why. The boot image loads but I loose line protocol on the management vlan so I'm unable to get outside the network and therefore, can not reach the tftp server. I checked the switch port 15/1 and it is in a faulty state. The log file has system message of purging all multicast flows. Is this correct behavior? Normally, the boot statements would first boot from bootflash using the full IOS then boot code. What do you recommend as best practices in this situation?

Cisco Employee

Re: error boot system tftp on 6509

Is 15/1 in "errdisable" state or does it show up as faulty? If it's errdiable, try doing a "clear config 15" and reset 15. If this does not help, try reseating or try the Supervisor in slot2. If this does not help, I suspect bad hardware and suggest that you open a TAC case

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