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Error-disable on 2950 !?


when the user connects his pc portable (HP Omnibook 6100 with NIC Intel integrated) on switch

2950(Version 12.1.13EA1a) port (10/half forced),port of the switch passes

in error disable state ("loopback") for unknow reasons (???):

2950-C2-08>show int status err-disabled

Port Name Status Reason

Fa0/24 err-disabled loopback


Administrator shuts down and no shuts down port, it works good without convenience (many weeks) as long as the user

doens't disconnect his portable from the port, go to another site and is back. (Many people and many

switch have this phenomene ! ).

Has somebody already gone this issue ?

It's possible to delete error-disable feature related to loopback : What's the effect side?

(errdisable recovery cause loopback)

(errdisable recovery interval )

(show errdisable recovery )

Link similar :

Thank You.


Re: Error-disable on 2950 !?

New Member

Re: Error-disable on 2950 !?

Thank you for your link.

Cisco Employee

Re: Error-disable on 2950 !?

a couple of ways to handle this..

1- you can disable the errdisable detect loopback using the command "no errdisable detect cause loopback"

2- you can enable autorecovery from errdisable with "errdisable recovery cause loopback" and anytime you get an errdisable situation due to loopback, it will automatically re-enable the port.

New Member

Re: Error-disable on 2950 !?


What do you prefer, 1 or 2 ?

I want to minimise board effect.

Thank you for your both quick solutions.

Cisco Employee

Re: Error-disable on 2950 !?

I would most likely recommend the second option as the "safest option." This way legitimate loopback events (such as a unidirectional link) are caught by the switch and the switch will attempt to recover.

Since you mostly have copper ports, having loopback detect may not be that important, especially if you are not using the fiber ports on the switch. If that is the case then option 1 is the better option.

Hope that helps!

New Member

Re: Error-disable on 2950 !?

Thank you for you answer.

We use fiber ports on the switch, so we use the second solution.

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