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Error during Import Status in CiscoWorks RME

I have several devices 'stuck' in either Suspended or Not Responding. Whenever I attempt to delete these devices I get the error

A failure occurred during an import status operation

When I click Details on the error screen I get the following message

Probable Cause: A database read error occurred when trying to read the device data for this device. Recommended Action: Click on the CiscoWorks Server>Diagnostics>Collect Server Information link before calling your technical support representative for assistance.

Is this an easy thing to solve, or do I actually need to invoke my SmartNet subscription.




Re: Error during Import Status in CiscoWorks RME

First to make sure the device is supported.

If it is, then mostly like is because a snmp counter has large value that it exceeds the database value range. Reload the device and readd should fix the problem.

If it's the case, the it's a bug on RME. I recommend you open a TAC case to raise it.

Also check CSCea67346, CSCdu09377, and CSCdw17012

Community Member

Re: Error during Import Status in CiscoWorks RME

Worked like a charm. Added the devices concerned and it sorted itself out.

Thanks mimie


Re: Error during Import Status in CiscoWorks RME

Hi Paul

try this first:

it seems that some versions of browers cache this information incorrectly, the device isn't really there. That's why rme can't find it in the database.

In IE go to Tool > Internet Option and delete your tempory internet files. And very important: make sure to click "Setting" and select "Every visit to the Page".

Relogin onto CW2K and goto Import status, if they are still there , click the refresh button on the browser. If they are still there, we're going to have to do a backup of the database, reinitialise a new one and restore from the backup.

Let me know how it went.



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