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etherchannel 2950 <> 2950, config

Here is my setup for both switches.

interface Port-channel1

interface FastEthernet1

channel-group 1 mode on

interface FastEthernet2

channel-group 1 mode on

What else do I need?


Re: etherchannel 2950 <> 2950, config

HI Wysockib,

Thats all you have to do if you do not want your etherchannl to be a trunk. Currently your 2 ports will work in etherchannel but as an access port for vlan 1.

Also remember because you have choosen the etherchannel mode as on it forces the interface to channel without PAgP. With the on mode, a usable EtherChannel exists only when an interface group in the on mode is connected to another interface group in the on mode.

So you are good to go if the other end switch is also working on etherchannel mode on.

Also read link for etherchannel guidelines for 2950 switch



New Member

Re: etherchannel 2950 <> 2950, config

Can I connect the switches to two wireless 25meg bridges and expect to see around 50megs accross the switches?

Re: etherchannel 2950 <> 2950, config

Hi Wysockib,

No you cannot do that. Etherchannel will only work when you configure both the interface on same device.

By this I mean if you connect single wireless bridge with 2 interface configured as etherchannel (if they support etherchannel) and connect to the switch where you have already configured etherchannel you will get better throughput infact if it is 100MBPS port you will get 200 MBPS throughput.

But if you just configure etherchannel on switch and connect 2 different wireless bridges on these 2 ports on the switch etherchannel will not form.

ALso if it is non cisco wireless bridge you have to go for LACP mode.



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