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Community Member

Etherchannel on 2924XL

I have catalyst 6-2924XL switches. Five of them are diasy chained together and the sixth one is located accross the hall. I am trying to bundle ports 23 and 24 of the management stack of the daisy chained switches with ports 23 and 24 of the switch accross the hall with etherchannel. 19 Vlans are configured on both sides and large numbers of application servers and workstations are on both sides.

Should I use source based etherchannel or destination based etherchannel command.

I have tried source based and it failed. I could not find the reason why it failed.

Cisco Employee

Re: Etherchannel on 2924XL

By default the etherchannel mode is Source based

Can you paste the relevant configs from both switches

Community Member

Re: Etherchannel on 2924XL

I am aware that the default is source based. My question is under what condition do you use destination based. Source based is not working in this environment. When source based is configured, traffic is not being propagated accross the link.


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