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etherchannel question

I have a queston on something that I am trying. First I have an existing catalyst 4006 switch that we are adding a new module to (module 6). We also are putting in a new switch (catalyst 2948). The customer is wanting to trunk and channel the 4006 to the 2948 on ports: 4006 6/23,31,39,47 and on the 2948 ports 2/23,31,39,47 and create a new vlan for communication on various ports due to a SAN that we are going to install in the network.

I have the config set as follows:

set vlan 4 mal (this is the existing VTP domain)

set vlan 1 6/23,6/31,6/39,6/47

set the trunking on the 4006 switch

set trunk 6/23 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set trunk 6/31 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set trunk 6/39 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set trunk 6/47 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set port disable 6/23,6/31,6/39,6/47

set port channel 6/23,6/31,6/39,6/47 mode on

I will then create the virtual port on the router module by doing the following:

interface Port-channel1.4

ip address subnet mask

no ip redirects

no ip directed-broadcast

wri mem

on the new 2948 switch I have:

set vtp domain mal

set trunk 2/23 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set trunk 2/31 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set trunk 2/39 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set trunk 2/47 nonegotiate dot1q 1-1005

set port channel 2/23,2/31,2/39,2/47 mode on.

Once I have the channel set on the 2 switches I will enable the ports on the 4006 switch.

He is also wanting to connect 2 servers to the new blade and switch by channeling the connection. The servers are setup with LACP on dual nic's that will basically have 2 physical connections to the switches. the customer wants to be able to put one of the nic's on the 2948 switch and one on the 4006 switch and channel them. Is this possible. I know that this is a lot to ask, but I am stuck.


Re: etherchannel question


the trunk part of your configuration looks perfectly ok. If you have a lot of clients connecting to the servers, use the command:

set port channel all distribution mac destination

on the switch where the servers are connecting to, this will achieve better load balancing, since the client MAC addresses will be used to load balance across the channel member links.

As for connecting the two NIC´s of the servers to two different switches: unfortunately, that feature (multichassis Etherchannel) is not supported on Cisco switches.



New Member

Re: etherchannel question

Thank you very much for the response. I didn't think that it was possible to channel the server to the 2 different switches, but I wasn't sure. The customer is throwning out all these ideas, some of which I am famalier with and others that I am not. I just wanted to make sure. He said that he would open a TAC case to investigate the idea, but I let him know that I would investigate it to make sure. Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated.

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