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Etherchannel recommendations

Hi everyone

We're a small ISP with limited budget and looking to create a high bandwidth backbone between our two areas.

I understand that the old 1900 series switches have the etherchannel feature too, but not all software images support it and that it is only possible to include the two available FastEthernet ports, not Ethernet ports ?

With that in mind, we are looking at some newer switches, possibly 2950.

My questions are:

1. is EC a standard feature with 2950 switches or does it only come with enterprise software ?

2. I understand that it is possible to combine up to 8 physical FE interfaces but the total bandwidth thus gained is only 800 mbps, not 1600 mbps, according to Cisco ?

If 8 100 mbps interfaces are bundled and using full duplex, isn't that 8x200=1600 ?

or is it maybe that only up to 4 physical interfaces can be bundled on EACH switch that is participating ?

Thanks in advance for your answers,



Re: Etherchannel recommendations

1) Etherchannel is a standard feature with all Cisco switches I have seen lately, including the 2950 - enterprise software is not required.

2) Wow, burning 8 FE interfaces for 800Mbps. Yes, I believe technically it would be 800Mbps in both directions or 1.6Gbps. I believe it would be much more cost effective and much more stable to go with a 2950 with GBIC interfaces and do either Gig copper or fiber. With only 1 link you'd be set with more bandwidth than all 8 FE's channelled. It is 8 interfaces per switch maximum.

Of course, the newer 3750 switches are even nicer. You can stack them and etherchannel across the stack. Nice...

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