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ethernet address?

we are in the process of switching the ethernet address of the AS5300 router from a 172 address to a 10 address. Presently our IP pool and ethernet address are in the same numbering scheme. My question is can we have a ethernet address for the router and have a totally different IP pool set up for dialin? and if so what is the proper set for this?


Re: ethernet address?

You can have the ip pool for the dialup clients be different than the ip subnet on the ethernet interface. The router will see them as independent networks so the communication will ride on regular IP routing at that point.



Re: ethernet address?

Yes, you surely can have the IP address pool from a different network range for that you have on the ethernet.

From the as5300's perspective the dialup connections will appear as host routes (/32 networks directly connected.

Thanks, Mak.

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Re: ethernet address?

Thanks Mak,

for your help. However I have another question. How does this work if we have the AS5300 set up for "IP Unnumbered"? Please advise as soon as you can. we are in urgent need of an answer. \

Thanks Sheilah (Lofsfaith)

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Re: ethernet address?

Do you want to Unnumber the Ethernet or the Group-Async? From a routing perspective it's a bad idea to Unnumber the Ethernet. Look at your Group-Async config, you probably have "ip unnumbered FastEthernet 0" whic is used for routing the addresses in the address pool.

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