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EtherSwitch module for 2600 routers

We have a remote office with a 2621 router connected to the Internet thru a 56K frame relay line. A hub is used to connect the 10 workstations and printers and router in the building. I would like to install the NM-16ESW etherswitch module in the router to eliminate the need for the hub, but I also want to start monitoring Internet traffic from that office. If I connect a pc running software like SurfControl to one of the ports of the etherswitch module can I configure that port to monitor the traffic on the serial port that connects to the frame relay line?

Or can port monitoring only be setup to monitor other ethernet ports in the etherswitch module and the built-in ethernet ports on the router?

Thanks for any information.

Cisco Employee

Re: EtherSwitch module for 2600 routers

You can only mirror the ports on the etherswitch module to another port on the etherswitch module.

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