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ever on trunk

I have find this statement on a document.

On supervisor standby of Catalyst 6500 , the two Gigabit ethernet ports are available to forward traffic just like Catalyst OS.

I have installed IOS native.

What does it mean?

Does the two ports Gig forward traffic?

When does it begin to work ?



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Re: ever on trunk

always !!! unless you manually shut it down..

SPT forwarding is different from the ports being able to forward traffic.

Are you having problems with those ports ? Provide us with a show interface Gig 2/1 (if your second supervisor is in standby mode, remember first supervisor can also be in standby mode if the second is active)

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Re: ever on trunk


Yes I have some problems.My customer has two Catalyst 6513 with both two supervisors.

In slot one active supervisor and in the second standby supervisor.

I have installed native IOS.

The Catalysts has connected togheter through one link in channel and trunk by two ports Gig 1/1 and 1/2.

My customer has connected ever in channel and trunk the second link by the two ports Gig 2/1 and 2/2 between the standby supervisors.

Immediately was beginning messages %STANDBY-DUPLICATE ADDRESS from eth 2/2 etc....,and the Lan became slow and unstable.

For work in order he had to put in shut the ports Gig 2/1 and 2/2.

What did it happen ?



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Re: ever on trunk

Looks like a spanning tree loop. Remember by connecting a second redundant link, you have created a loop. Spanning tree is supposed to block such ports and prevent loops but if the switch is mis-configured it will not be able to prevent it.

Here is some spanning tree tech tips.

this goes over some typical troubleshooting methods. IF you need further help, open a case with TAC.

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