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exit interface in static ip routing

the command for static ip route says" next hop or exit interface".when do we use the exit interface?is it only used in wan?can we not use it in lan?when is the next hop used?why?

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Re: exit interface in static ip routing

You can use exit interface in your static route command, when you have point to point links. You can not use it in multi access interface (like ethernet, where there are lot of machine connected to the same segment). You should also NOT use exit interface in the static route, when you have configured subinterfaces in a physical interface. This is because in these scenarios, you can not uniquely indentify the destination by specifying exit interface (sicne there are more than one devices reachable through that interface).

There is one interesting observation about use of exit interface in static route. When you use exit interface in static route, your router considers that network as directly connected network (cost to reach that network is taken as 0). So a static route defined using exit interface is always preferred to a static route with desitination IP Address.

Hope this helps.....

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Re: exit interface in static ip routing

sorry,i'm late .but, thanx a lot.

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Re: exit interface in static ip routing

Hi ,

I agree with your answer But have one doubt that when I set a static route in case of BRI can we set our own interface as the next hop gateway as it is point to point link.I am not talking about the dialer interface,I an my setup I have not configured the without dailer interface ,legacy DDR configuration I have .I was unable to ping the other side.Moreover when I give gateway as ip address of next hop I am able to do.can u clear me about here with refrence to the above problem.Please comment and correct me where I am wrong



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