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Experienced input on various LMS products needed

I have been tasked to develop a "checklist" to evaluate the health/efectiveness of all products in the CW2K suite.

Both RWAN and LMS bundles are in use in the enviroments that are being evaluated.

for example, If I were to visit a site with LMS I would need to look at RME/RTM/Campus mgr/Ciscoview. so starting with RME,I would look at the following:

1. is inventory manager populated

2. are device attributes all correct

3. do they have catOS/IOS images in the library

stuff like that...

So I am looking for input on what items should I be looking for in Ciscoview/ Campus mgr/ DFM/ RTM/ IPM / ACLM ?

what constitutes successfull use of that product and what variables need to be looked at in an effort to "optimize" these packages?

I have lots of experience with RME and HP Openview. and have a pretty good list for those ... I have limited experience with the above mentioned packages though and need a little help.

any and all input is welcomed.


Todd Martin; Scopenet Engineer USAF

Cisco Employee

Re: Experienced input on various LMS products needed


Re: Experienced input on various LMS products needed

For DFM, a typical checklist may look as follows:

1. Are devices imported fine into DFM and showing up in the Admin console,in appropriate device groups.

2. Are traps/alerts for these devices showing up correctly in the Monitoring console.

3. Are the trap/mail/file notifications set up correctly and is the customer happy with the email and trap notifications.

4. Are the threshold settings appropriately set for the customer environment and are suitable alarms being generated when thresholds are exceeded.

5. Did the sources get added properly (you would start seeing the IOS & SAA Version displayed under the sources tab of the configuration window)

6. Did the targets get added properly (you would start seeing the IP address & DNS name under the configuration window)

7. Did the collectors get added properly (you would would observe the status showing as Running in the main IPM window)

8. Are the statistics getting collected properly? ( You would be able to view statistics by launching from the main window)

9. Are the reports getting generated properly? ( You would be able to see that from the web server reports)

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