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Exporting data from LMS 2.2 to LMS 2.2


I run one production CiscoWorks server with LMS 2.2 on solaris 2.8. Now I have installed an identically standby server.

Now I want to make the standby server to be a copy

of the production server (user data,device groups, netconfig user templates and device & credentials)

Is there any script to export/import data from my production server to the standby server?

I have tried

# /opt/CSCOpx/bin/perl

Remote upgrade is not supported for CiscoWorks Common Services 2.2

.. but it didn't work

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Re: Exporting data from LMS 2.2 to LMS 2.2

Have you done a backup on the server, copied the backup files, and done a restore on the backup? Easiest way to do a backup is through the GUI Server Configuration -> Administration -> Database Management -> Back Up Data Now. Restore the backup using the script ($NMSROOT/bin/perl $NMSROOT/bin/ [-force] [-s suite][-gen generationNumber] -d backup directory).

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Re: Exporting data from LMS 2.2 to LMS 2.2

Sorry I didn't explain better. I don't want to take a copy of my whole database. The database is created

in year 2000 and is 1.2 Gbyte.

Now I want to start my standby server with a new database and only copy some parts from the production server.

I have succeeded to copy User information with

the program in CS2.2 CD


Then I have done export and import of device information from the RME GUI Export to File.

What I haven't found out how to do is to copy all

the Device Views and the Netconfig User templates.

If you know how to do this I would be gratefull

Regards Hans

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