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Extreme Networks Incompatibilities

I am about to do a conversion from Extreme Networks (Alpines and Black Diamonds) to Cisco. Apparently there was an issue with Spanning-tree in the Extreme Networks switches and they disable it. I wanted to know if anyone has had ANY incompatibilities issues with a conversion like this to Cisco? Either with Spanning-tree specifically or any other issues? Thanks for any help.


Re: Extreme Networks Incompatibilities

I think in later releases they got their spanningtree issues fixed. We had so many hardware failures that looked like spanning tree that people tended to be afraid to turn it on.

The main difference I have seen are related to how they implement hot standby. I think they now support VRRP but the other version they had spoofed mac addresses. I do not think cisco has a equivelent so you will need to redesign if you used that method to do gateway redundacey.

I suspect if they do not currently need spanning tree in the network design it will be fairly easy to replace since this implies that it is all layer 3

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