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False Positive - PortHighErrorRate exceeds threshold 10%

We have been trying to debug this problem for a while on our 6500 Switches.

Port HighErrorRate 100%

Switch HighErrorRate 100%

Is here anyway to stop these false alarm pages from going paging us, via Cisco Works?

Everytime someone a does a file transfer or download that is large, or not even large, we get a warning/alarm page from the Switch. It is always Input and not Output. The files or downloads are not that large, maybe 3 mb' files. I think they show up as giants and the Switch sends out a page. Is here anyway to stop these false alarm pages from going paging us? Below is the screen shot of the Ciscoworks - Notification Properties details. We use MTU 1500. But that should not affect things, right?

Cisco Works - Device Fault Manager

Notification Properties

Notification : Port HighErrorRate


Relevant Attributes and Thresholds

Attribute Value Threshold

InputPacketErrorPct 96.71% 10%

InputPacketRate 3943.64 Packets/sec

InputPacketErrorRate 3814.12 Packets/sec 1666.66 Packets/sec

OutputPacketErrorPct 0.0% 10%

OutputPacketRate 11.7 Packets/sec

OutputPacketErrorRate 0.0 Packets/sec 1666.66 Packets/sec

dot3StatsFCSErrorsRate 0.0 Packets/sec

dot3StatsInternalMacReceiveErrorsRate 0.0 Packets/sec

dot3StatsAlignmentErrorsRate 0.0


dot3StatsFrameTooLongsRate 3814.12


dot3StatsCarrierSenseErrorsRate 0.0


dot3StatsInternalMacTransmitErrorsRate 0.0 Packets/sec


MaxSpeed 1000000000 Bits/sec


I believe it is CiscoWorks that is paging us incorrectly for these types of alarms.

Last night at a Cisco User Group meeting in Los Angeles I was told that Cisco Works has about 9 features that work, and 30 that don't work or have major bugs.

Is this one of the Bugs?

Is there a fix or work-around?

Will the next release of CiscoWorks fix this? Our current version is 2.2 and we have 2.51 on order, will this fix the problem?

Is this problem indicative of 2.2 version release?



Re: False Positive - PortHighErrorRate exceeds threshold 10%

If you are receiving notifications you do not wish to receive, you can block them by going to DFM>Notification Services>Event Set and specifying the events you wish to generate alerts. Then, apply this event set to Notification Groups under DFM>Notification Services>, and apply the notification group to E-mail Notifications under the same menu.

If the alerts continue, we may need to change some thresholds under DFM>Configuration>Polling and Thresholds>MAnaging Thresholds. Select system defined groups, then the type of interface, and edit the Error Thresholds.

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