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FDDI Removal Questions

Hello all, I have recenlty inherited a FDDI network infastructure that is capped at 100mb. The advantage I see is that the fiber is actually run to all of the workstations with no CAT 5 or CAT 6 ran anywhere. Therefore, I would like to take advantage of the fiber all ready run instead of running CAT 5 or 6 to all of the workstations. My question is how can I remove this FDDI, is it as simple as upgrading the switches and reterminating the fiber ends at the switches? All of the workstation locations are terminated with SC. I apologize about the stupidity here, I am very unfamiliar with fiber and fiber related networks.


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FDDI Removal Questions

The system probably has multimode fiber to each workstation. While you can possibly run 1 Gbps Ethernet over that existing fiber, those cost of doing so (fiber Ethernet network cards or transceivers at each workstation plus the same at the new switch end plus reterminating all of the old SC connectors with LC) would probably exceed the cost of having new Cat 5e (my recommendation) run to every workstation.

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