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FEC and shutting down ports

I use FEC teams extensively to connect my Proliant server to 3500 series switches. Usually I test the fault-tolerance of the server by physically pulling the patch cable from the switch. When I do this the server reports a cable failure and keeps chugging right along as it should.

Today I tried a different method. I admined down one interface of a two interface port group and I was very surprised to see the switch shut down both ports in the group and my server lost complete connectivit??!!

Now I am worried. I know that if my server loses a NIC the fault-tolerance of FEC will work. But what happens if there is a failure (non-admin of course) with a port on the switch? Will the entire port group go down therfore making the FEC semi-useless?

I am running 12.0(5)WC3b on a 3524 if that makes a difference.



Re: FEC and shutting down ports

I have seen the same behavior with the version that you are talking about. When two interfaces are part of etherchannel and one port is shut, the other port is also shut automatically and displayed in the 'show run' output. With 12.0(5)WC7, I was able to shut one port and make it work using the second port. Probably you an try this or some other image.


Re: FEC and shutting down ports

Check CSCdw08097 sounds like sort of what you are running into .

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