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Cisco Employee

FEC on different switches

We're evaluating a possible FT configuration.

We'll have two 6509 backbone switches connected each other with supervisor's Gb ports.

We plan to have workgroups switches connected to each backbone switches with Gb link for fault tolerant.

What we are unsure of is if we can load balance workgroup switches' traffic through uplinks or ,because of spanning tree , one of the backbone switch will be unused .

In other word : can we configure FEC on workgroup' switches using two different uplink switches ( the two 6509 )

Cisco Employee

Re: FEC on different switches

I'm not clear what your question is. Are you asking if you can configure a channel with members being from two different switches? The answer in No

Cisco Employee

Re: FEC on different switches

Is there a way I can Load balancing traffic between two bacbone routers ?

The situation would be

CAT6509 ------------- CAT6509

\ /

\ /

\ /

cat 2950G( workgoup )

We 'd like to load balance workgroup traffic to fully utilize the two bacbone switches.

We have , at the moment , just one VLAN ( 1) no routing .


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