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Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Switch w/ Uplink to ATM

I am looking at a Cisco Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Switch to be the backbone of my LAN. There will be 15 ports providing Fiber Gigabit Ethernet to a box that will take that signal and convert it to copper for laptops to plug into. 13 ports will be used to accept MPEG2 streams. There will also be 3 servers connected to the Switch, and one storage device attached to the switch. I also have to interface with an ATM switch. I will be using two ports (at least) to connect to the services provided by that ATM switch. Can you tell me which switch I could go with, and especially, what do I need to interface with the ATM?

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Re: Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Switch w/ Uplink to ATM

6509 with either WS-X6101 module or Flewan with ATM port-adapter would be a good investment for scalable network. 2900MXL with ATM module could be used but 6509 has lot more power and options for future additions.

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