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Filtering BVI on 2948gl3


We have four buildings with four 2948gl3 catalysts being bridged. In each building we have a dhcp server for the PCs in that building. The connections between buildings are via GigabitEthernet. How can I block each catalyst from DHCP UDP packets coming from the other catalysts. I tried ACL on BVI and I get the message : "ACL is not supported on BVI interface". I tried ACL on the interfaces within the bridge group and I get : "NO ACL Card present for the interface". Thanks in advance.

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Re: Filtering BVI on 2948gl3

ACLs on BVIs are not supported on 2948G-L3. The ACL card message is a throw back to the 8540 days, where this code base is pulled from, and is essentially saying the same thing - ACLs are not supported in the configuration you are running.

You can only put ACLs on the gig uplinks of the 2948G-L3. This is a hardware limitation of this box.

If you need ACL support on all ports at wire rate, and don't need IPX in hardware, you could go with the cat 3550. This is IP only, but does support ACLs and VLAN interface configuration (SVIs).

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