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Finding the right router...

I am looking for a good router. Interested in the LInksys rv082. What i need in a router is the ability for each of the ports to provide a seperate static IP to my computers. (i beleive its called classical routing) Is this available for this model and if not, which model is? Thank you for your time!

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Re: Finding the right router...


Your question is too generic.

Is like to ask what is the best car in the market.

The only I know is you are thinking in a SOHO solution.

Do you need only routing?

How many ports do you want?

How many computers do you have and how many networks do you want?

How many traffic do you plan?

Try to specify a little more.


Alberto Giorgi from spain

New Member

Re: Finding the right router...

I currently have 8 computers. I only need routing. For my application i need each of my computers to have a unique static IP. Which will be provided to me from my ISP. I think the RV082 fits my application needs but i just need to know if it will allow me to program each port to designate a unique IP.

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Re: Finding the right router...


I'm sorry but the answer is no.

The 8 ethernet interfaces work like a shwitch in that router

You can't assign a diferent ip address to each one.

You only can assign one IP address to whole router (static or dinamic).

For your needs I suggest you use an cisco 800 series with fastethernet and a switch. Both suporting 802.1q.

Then you must configure a "router on a stick" with subinterafaces.

I suggest you read the folowing URL to know how it work

To get a router with 8 indepent interfaces should be more expensive that my advice.

I hope this help. (Please rate if it does)

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