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Firewall & 802.1Q trunking in 6513 Switch having CAT IOS

Dear All,

At present I am having a 6513 switch having Layer 2 enable. All this port in this switch are using other MSFC for there intervlan talking and connecting to outside network.

Towards one solution provided by Checkpoint, we are trying to configure one VLAN in that PC itself and making one port as trunk port to support 802.1Q. Please let me know about how to go about configuring 802.1Q in 6513 having cat IOS. At present all the port are configured to support ISL trunking.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Firewall & 802.1Q trunking in 6513 Switch having CAT IOS

HI Friend,

Reading you post I was not sure you are looking for config guide line for CATOS or Native IOS so I am posting the config for both


set trunk mod/port desirable dot1q

Check this link for more guidelines for trunk config on CATOS

FOR Native IOS

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

For more information read the command reference



New Member

Re: Firewall & 802.1Q trunking in 6513 Switch having CAT IOS

Dear Ankur,

Thanks for your reply. But I am running following in my switch:-

WS-C6513 Software, Version NmpSW: 8.4(3)

Copyright (c) 1995-2005 by Cisco Systems

The dot1q VLAn is created in one of the firewall and I am just making one of the switch port to act as dot1q trunk port, which will allow any of the port in switch mapped to the vlan created in Firewall.


Let's say port 13/22 is acting as a dot1q trunk port and I have given following command:-

set trunk 13/22 on dot1q 32

set vlan 32 13/22

Now I have connected one PC to this switch port(1/22) and assigned static IP pertaining to VLAN 32 to this m/c.I would like to know what will be the config of this port 1/22 so that all the traffic will go via trunk port 13/22?

As of now I have given following command

#set vlan 32 1/22

Whenever someone browse it will go via 13/22 to outside world which is working on 802.1Q. I am confused about this port config.

Thanks in advance. If anything is needed please leave your email address and I will discuss further.

With best regards,


32 is the native VLAN created in Firewall.

Re: Firewall & 802.1Q trunking in 6513 Switch having CAT IOS

Hi Mani,

You have got done what you have to do.

You are right that port 1/22 will be assigned as the way you have done.

Are you facing any problem with this config?



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