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Force connections for both ISDN lines at once.

Working with my ISP on a problem where running 1 channel on my ISDN everything works fine, but when I bring up the 2 channel no data flows through the connection. They want me to have both ISDN lines connect at once, not bring up one line and then the other. Does anyone know if this is possible, and how I would do this?


Re: Force connections for both ISDN lines at once.

FIrst of all, you should be running latest 12.2 code to ensure there aren't any bugs. There were a few issues with 12.1 which would cause one channel to be fine but 2 to fail entirely. Latest 12.2 mainline code should not have these problems. The ISP should not really care that the lines connect at the exact same time or seconds apart; if they do, I'd suggest they are broken. At any rate, with the commands "ppp multilink" and "dialer load 1" we should dial the second interface immediately after the first. You could also add "ppp multilink link min 2", to see if that makes it any quicker.

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