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Forcing port status on catalyst 4000

Does exist a command for disabling an 10/100 port when another port go in not connect state?

I have to insert a catalyst 4003 ( for only L2 switching ) between a router and a cabletron L3switch.

The router have static routes pointing to cabletron L3 interface.This routes are redistributed in via OSPF.

The problem arises whenthe link between cabletron and cat4000 go down.

The port on router remain up with consequent routing problems.

there is a known solution??


Cisco Employee

Re: Forcing port status on catalyst 4000

You cannot disable a port when another one gets disconnected for instance. A solution would be to configure a routing protocol on the Cabletron switch and have it advertise its own routes. That way, if those routers disappear on the other router, it would then recalculate new ones if possible or start using a default-route for instance.

New Member

Re: Forcing port status on catalyst 4000

Ok, thanks a lot for your feedback, you confirm my suspect.

Effectively your suggestion is the only way to solve this issue, the problem is to convince our customer to enable ospf in cabletron..........

Thanks a lot again

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