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Forwarding Multicast with TTL=1

Dear group,

I am currently having a project of placing a 2621 on a customer's multicast network. However, the source came from their network is configured to have TTL=1 which the router will not forward these packets. Customer refused to change TTL on their application level, so is there any way I can get rid of this TTL=1 limitation to the router so that I can forward multicast out?

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Re: Forwarding Multicast with TTL=1

I looked all over what multicast doc I had, just about everything pointed to the fact that the app

sets the ttl. have you run this by the TAC yet?

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Re: Forwarding Multicast with TTL=1

After going through all the docs around and had a conversation with Cisco engineer, I am pretty sure this is not doable on a router. Therefore I try to modify the solution into a L2 device, like a 3550-12T using VACL for simple packet filtering. This is somewhat very contradicting (as per customer's request) that they want a L3+ firewall but need a pure L2 device for not interrupting multicase.

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