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FR Bandwidth & Shaping


All my hardware is Cisco, my following story concerns two 1750's with 12.2(15)ZJ2 IOS

My issue is: A print server in my home office (my only print server) sends a large document accross the WAN to my remote office for printing, in the proccess it brings that remote office to a crawl because it seems that tcp data is not being queued properly (or shaped). It's making it extremely difficult because that remote office is ALL VoIP phones that rely on the Home Office. I have rtp priority configured properly, it's the data side that's giving me trouble..

What I want to know is if there is a way to throttle down the amount of bandwidth data can use. I'm not talking about RTP traffic, i mean like windows machine to windows machine accross the WAN. Is it possible? Anyone got any good doc's I could read through?


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Re: FR Bandwidth & Shaping

I would take a look at the following:

Also, I think you should look at the LLQ ,Low Latency Queueing , sections especially since you are using VoIP. With this you will be able to set specific bandwidth amounts for the different classes to create.

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