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FR fail over and ISDN PRI

I have several remote sites that I need FR fail-over for if their link goes down.

I have a PRI / channelized t1 controller in my 3640 router. Each remote site has an ISDN BRI. I need each BRI to dial the PRI in my 3640 in the event their FR goes down. The provider has the circuit provisioned as 1 trunk group with one dialer number. Is there any way for me to break the 24 channel trunk group into 2 channel bundles, multilinked to provide 128K access to 5 sites simutaneously with this configuration? Do I need the ISDN provider to set up static 2 channel trunk groups, each with its own dialer number?

Cisco Employee

Re: FR fail over and ISDN PRI

T1/PRI line have 24 b channels and you can use as many channels (24 max) as you want for one call by "multilinking" more then one chans togather..

So in your case you just need to configure 3640 for "ppp multilink" so that when the remote router with bri line dials in, it will negotiate "multilink" with 3640 and that way 3640 will bind both the bri channels togather which will look like a 1 call..No need to talk telco for that. Here is the exact sample config for that scenario

Treat 5300 is same as 3600

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Re: FR fail over and ISDN PRI

This is what I was looking for!!


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