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Frame Relay and Cable in same location

I have the following setup.

This is a remote location with a 56K Frame-Relay to out main location. We recently had cable access installed which I planned to use for Internet access only. The Frame-Relay router is a Cisco 1601. This routers ip is I have setup a Linksys router at This I planned to use for my cable access. I have tried to put in a default route that goes to but I was not sure if it could route back out the same interface it was recieved. It there a way to have any traffic going to the frame go to the Cisco and anything else go to the Linksys? Thanks

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Re: Frame Relay and Cable in same location

There is nothing wrong with selecting one default gateway (Linksys) and let this gateway redirect the traffic via another router (1601) attached to the interface on which a packet was received.

Bear in mind that if the router sees that the route is via the interface on which the packet was received, an ICMP redirect is sent to the station sourcing the packet to let it know of this better path. The subsequent packets should therefore be forwarded directly to other gateway.

The other option would be to configure multiple routes on every workstation.

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Re: Frame Relay and Cable in same location

Many bottom line SOHO gateways do not support one-armed routing, so setting the LinkSys as the default router for all destinations may not be a workable solution.

My preference would be to make the 1601 the default route for all traffic, (don't forget to disable ICMP preempts and enable route-cache same interface on the 1601) and define a VPN on the linksys to back up the frame relay line. That protects your communications back to HQ as long as either the frame or the cable is still working.

Good luck and have fun!

Vincent C Jones

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