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Frame-Relay failover

I have a Novell BorderManager 3.6 server (fully patched) currently routing all local traffic (via VPN) accross the WAN. I have a Cisco 1600 router connected via frame-relay to a Cisco 3640. I want to use the frame as my failover in case the VPN goes down. What is the best way to configure my default routes and static routes on both the Cisco routers and BM so if my 10mb VPN goes down, it will instantaneously failover to frame-relay?

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Re: Frame-Relay failover

Two default static routes with different administrative distance. If you can depend on physical interface then point to the connected interfaces. Another option would be point to a remote network which requires dynamic routing to be enabled on both routers.

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Re: Frame-Relay failover

We are using IP and IPX EIGRP on the frame. I have a default route for the VPN with an AD of 50 for the VPN and a default route for the frame with an AD of 75. An issue we ran into was when we were directing traffic via the VPN, we were not getting out to the internet (we had it configured so we could surf via the frame and send/receive IPX SAPs via the frame - everything else was VPN). Also, this morning, the VPN was extremely slow. We have 10MB and we had latency upwards of 600ms with 5 clients logged in. We think the VPN ISP was dropping UDP packets. Is that likely?

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