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Frame relay IPX split-horizon

I have a set of routers that were setup using a single IPX network accross a frame-relay network. They are setup in a hub and spoke config. The hub has a static map to each spoke and the spokes have a single map back to the hub router. All routers have the "broadcast" statement included on the "frame relay map..." statements. I need one spoke to talk to another spoke. Is there a way to statically confiugure routes or a better solution to get these two (2) spokes to talk without going to sub interfaces and seperate IPX subnets for the WAN? Also, I assume the IPX split-horizen rule is the problem at the hub router, is there a way to turn that off to make it work. One of my spoke routers has really old IOS (9.1(5))and we just want to do this temporarily.


Re: Frame relay IPX split-horizon

It can be done. All you do is put another map statement on each spoke router with the DLCI it's connected to and then the address of the remote spoke router and ..... voila!

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Re: Frame relay IPX split-horizon

My understanding that split horizon cannot be disabled under IPX RIP. The solution is to run EIGRP on the link. Then, you need to disable Split horizon for IPX EIGRP, which is possible.

Its really cleaner to run the subinterfaces.

Other than perceived complexity, there is no disadvantage IMHO to running subinterfaces on your wan interfaces.



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