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Frame Relay question

I am fighting a problem right now and on a frame-relay segment that has been running fine up until we had a storm. Sine that time, certain apps ( or portions of ) are running a good bit slower. The phone Co. has tested fine and I have swapped all the gear out at the site in question. I know in my heart that the problem is within the frame network but as most of you probably know, you have to prove that to the carrier.

My main question right now is; what does it mean when my "in DE pkcts" increase at a rapid rate?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Frame Relay question

DE stands for "Discard Eligible" bit. This can be set by the router of the frame switch. This bit means the frame can be discarded when the network becomes congested. Whether they are discarded or not depends on how the frame network is provisioned.

DE bits can be based on tcp, udp, an acl, packet size or packet fragmentation.

This means your router is receiving more and more packets that can be discarded if the frame network becomes congested. And when the network is congested, looks like they are being discarded (as you noted the apps are slower).

Hope it helps.


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Re: Frame Relay question

That helps emensely. Thanks a ton!

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