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frame-relay switching with policing and "connect" command


i have the task to switch an fr-pvc on my 3640 router.

the problem is that i have to police the incomming pvc (from the customer) so that it does not exceed a certain cir.

so i read about "frame-relay policing" and that i have to define the fr-route with the "connect" command.

no problem (i thought so) !

the problem is that i switch this pvc in an gre-tunnel (ip) and it is NOT possible

that i do a connect-command with a tunnel interface.

br-grztr1(config)#connect one ?

Dialer Dialer interface

MFR Multilink Frame Relay bundle interface

Serial Serial

Virtual-FrameRelay Virtual Frame Relay interface

vc-group Frame Relay VC group (FRF.5 only)

how can i do this - or is cisco able to connect the pvc to a tunnelint. in future realeases ???

thanks for an answer !

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Re: frame-relay switching with policing and "connect" command

As to connecting the frame pvc to the gre-tunnel I would just be guesing. To actually switch the pvc you would have to turn on frame relay switching and map the dlci to an other interface ( your tunnel?) and dlci. to police it you could use the frame relay map and define a map class to set cir, be ect.

Can you police the pvc on the frame interface and bridge to your tunnel?

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Re: frame-relay switching with policing and "connect" command


thanks for answer, but:

the problem is that i can´t do a shapping incomming on the serial on which i have the customer connected.

here is the config on the interface:


interface Serial2/0

description Verbdg. zum FR-Testrouter A

bandwidth 256

no ip address

rate-limit input 128000 2000 2000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

encapsulation frame-relay IETF

load-interval 30

no fair-queue

frame-relay lmi-type q933a

frame-relay intf-type dce

frame-relay route 116 interface Tunnel99 116


Fact is that this router does no shapping or rate-limiting on this interface - i don´t know why-perhaps because the traffic is pure layer2 traffic for this router.


my idea was to rate-limit the incomming l2-fr-traffic before forwarding this traffic to the tunnel with the "frame-relay route" command.

but as i said - it does not work.


in the interfaceconfig above i did it with the "rate-limit" comand-but i also tried with traffioc shapping incoming.

the frame-relay class was:


map-class frame-relay police_128k

frame-relay cir in 122000

frame-relay bc 12200

frame-relay be 0


butz it also did not work-perhaps because of the same reason:

for the router this traffic is "only" layer2 traffic !

any idea ??

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