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Frame-relay t1 to an ATM cloud

HI .. I am looking for the basic config that would allow and ATM could to connect to a frame-relay network .. ( Example we have serveral areas that have frame-relay t1 service it is now comming back to us on another frame-realy-t1 conection ( 7-1 ratio) ( this is very congested)) we want to install and ATM circuit on our local campus and break up the others areas into a point to point connection using atm pcv to a frame-relay t1 .. what are the commands to accomplish this Thanks

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Re: Frame-relay t1 to an ATM cloud


the answere is depending on the network design. What kind of FR-Switches do you have? Are you connected to a FR-provider?

If the FR-cloud is build up with IGX from Cisco, you can replcace one FR-switch with an ATM switch (BPX) from Cisco. Than a special card can be placed

either in the IGXs or in the BPX which does the protocol translation between ATM and

FR. The FR Router must be configured with "encapsulation frame-relay IETF" because the protocol translation doesn't support the ethertype encapsulation Cisco uses by default. The encapsulation on the ATM router must be AAL5 LLC/SNAP.

Another more simple solution is to place a Router with a 4-port serial T1 card and one T3 card directly at the FR-Switch and split the 7 FR connections on the 4 T1-links.

The T3 can be connected over a T3 line with your location. No ATM necessary.

IF a T3 is too expansive you can use n*T1 ATM IMA connections instead.

Therefore you must have two 4- or 8-port ATM IMA interfaces.

Hope this gives you some hints.

regards Ulrich

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