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frameCheckError condition

Based on IEEE Draft P802.3ae dated August 15, 2001, the ReceiveFrrame

operation is synchronous and the operation does not complete until a frame has been received and the fields of the frame are delivered via the output

parameters with a status code:

type ReceiveStatus = (receiveOK, lengthError, frameCheckError,

alignment Error);

The ReceiveStatus is passed from the MAC sublayer to the MAC client, and

the ReceiveStatus may be used in an implementation dependent manner.

Where 'frameCheckError' indicates that the frame received was

damaged by a transmission error.

When a frameCheckError condition happens or any other conditions that

cause the ReceiveStatus to be bad, we would like an option to pass the

damage frame on to the MAC client.

We will be using Gig-E to transmit IP datagrams (encapsulated in UDP)

across a SONET pipe. There will be no CSMA/CD on Gig-E in this setup. We

want everything transmitted to be received at destination by the

application regardless of transmission error.

Does a option exist for Cisco router with Gig-E.


Re: frameCheckError condition

The following link has the product literature for the gig cards. I hope this helps.

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