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New Member

FRTS on 3600 running 12.0.5xk1

I implemented frts on all sub-interfaces of a 3600 router, with a map-class for each "flavor" of frame relay (i.e. different cir's). After I made the change I did a 'show traffic' and none of the active sub-interfaces showed up. Am I wrong, or should all traffic shaped interfaces show up when the command is input? Also, when I do a 'show fram pvc' all of the interfaces show up as adaptive to BECN's which is part of the map-class that I configured. So it seems that some of the FRTS is working but not all. I did NOT reload the router after adding the FRTS config. But I have shut/no shut one of the sub-interfaces and it still won't show up in the 'show traffic' output.

New Member

Re: FRTS on 3600 running 12.0.5xk1

check whether you have configured the frame-relay traffic-shaping command in the main physical interface and also in sub-interfaces.

interface serial 0

frame-relay traffic-shaping

Then only you can see in the 'show traffic' output

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