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FTP from Cisco 1700 Router

I have a Cisco 1700 router that I'm trying to copy the configuration off of to my remote FTP server. The FTP server is anonymous and I've made sure it worked with windows/unix clients... The router is having some problem copying the config though. Here is what I get:

Stm_Wireless#copy runn ftp:

Address or name of remote host []?

Translating ""...domain server (66.109.xx.xx) [OK]

Destination filename [stm_wireless-confg]? /configurations/stm-confg

Translating ""...domain server (66.109.xx.xx) [OK]

Writing /configurations/stm-confg


I don't get the exclamation marks or the "bytes written" text.. It just ends.. On the FTP server I get "Connection from 66.109.xx.xx has timed out after 900 seconds of inactivity." in my event log. So it appears to be connecting, just not writing. Anybody have any ideas?

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Re: FTP from Cisco 1700 Router


First check whether anonymous user have write access on ur ftp server.

then check whether anonymous user requires to enter a password to get access to ftp server.

if ur ftp server requires password to login enter the following command on ur router to write config to ur ftp server.

copy run

where "anonymous" is username on ftp server and "password" is password ftp server expects for user " anonymous"

it should work now

plz let me know the results.


Manoj Reddy

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Re: FTP from Cisco 1700 Router

Yep. Anonymous users can log in and read/write to the server. Just tested it.


copy run

does the exact same thing as before. It appears like it's logging in fine (the event log doesn't list any failure attempts, and says the connection idles after 900 seconds)... It's just not sending the configuration...

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