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Full listing of router of router features for study perposes

I need a full listing of why "one router over another?" because at this point I really don't know what I need and don't to have at home to practice for my CCNA,CCSP, and CCNP courses. I need to know how to do this suff, I alrdy know I can pass any test, but to actully do it I would greatly appreciate knowing why I should buy a 2500 series router for CCNA, but need a different series for another class. Is there any store or section of that gives that info, please help.

Thanks, Yami


Re: Full listing of router of router features for study perposes

Router models differ in many ways.

Things like:

1. CPU speed/type

2. MAX amount of DRAM supported

3. MAX amount of FLASH supported

4. Number and type of interfaces supported

5. Expandability options

6. Misc options

These items help determine the IOS that the router can run (which translates into what kind of features you can use on the router, like IPSEC, IPX or whatever), what the router can accomodate in the way of connectivity options (like 2 ethernet and 1 BRI interface, etc), and what level of service you can expect from the router (packets per second).

I'm not sure why your class requires a different router model than the 2500, but I'm guessing it's because of one of the above.

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Re: Full listing of router of router features for study perposes

Well, I've seen a number of sites (usally selling routers for lab purposses) that give a list of cisco products in package designed for a specific course like CCNA.

For example, they will say something like:

CCNA Package


2 Cisco 2501 Routers 16D/16F

1 Back to Back Cable

2 Console Kits

2 Ethernet Transceivers


CCSP Package


2 Cisco 2501 Routers 16D/16F

2 Cisco 2503 Routers 16D/16F

1 Teltone ISDN Simulator

1 Cisco 4000M Router 8 Serial, 1 Ethernet 16D/4F

1 Cisco 5000 Switch, Sup I TX, 5213A Module

1 Cisco 1924C-EN Switch

7 Consoe Kits

8 Back to Back Cables

4 Ethernet Transceivers

etc, etc, etc... but they never really say "why" I need a certain device like a 4000M Router. It's a lot of money that I don't have and I need to be sure that I am only buying what I really need for the course.


Re: Full listing of router of router features for study perposes

Well, in the above CCSP example, the 4000M router has 8 serial ports. My guess is that they have labs in their study material that requires a router with 8 serial ports. I would think the 4000M would be configured for use as a Frame Relay switch.

I'm not sure on what these courses you are taking are, but maybe you could contact the course administrator and ask him/her for more details on the equipment needs. Maybe a different model can be used as a subsitute. Also, you may look on ebay on elsewhere for people renting out rack time. Depending on your goals, it may be cheaper to rent someone else's rack than to buy everything for your own. It all depends on what you want to do...

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