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Gbic info 3550

The 3550G comes with 10 module ports, Is there a fiber module for one of the ports that supports fiber at 100mbs or can you only get the Gbic modules that support fiber 1000 only?

I have a remote site that I need to use fiber on and am looking for a Media convertor on the far end to convert the fiber link to RJ45 connection. But when I bring it back to the 3550G unless it is a 1000Base Media convertor I do not see a solution for this other than purchasing 2 of the media convertors and utilizing a 10/100 port on one of the other switches. I would prefer to connect directly into the 3550G with the fiber and save the cost of another transeiver.

Any comments would be appriciate.


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Re: Gbic info 3550

There is no GBIC available that can accomodate your needs. The 3550-12G (which I assume you have) does have two fast ethernet ports on it however. You could use a media converter on one of these two ports instead of having to use another switch.

Have you found a media converter? If not, take a look at this link to find the one you need (based on multi-mode or single-mode fiber):〈=en&showproductsfor=126#126

The only standalone/stackable switches I know of that can do 100B-FX are the 3550-24-FX and the 2950C-24. Hope this helps.


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