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GEC to Nortel MLT

I am in the process of migrating a Nortel 5000BH backbone to a 6500 based backbone. I have a requirement to provide at least 400Mpbs interconnection between the two networks for the duration of the user/system migration to support client/server applications. We have run into problems, these being:

1/ The only way to provide the links on the Nortel 5000BH is by using existing 100Mbps Ethernet ports in an MLT aggregated link.

2/ The 5000BH uses a source-MAC algorithm to determine the port that traffic should be forwarded on.

3/ Traffic from the Cisco network ( is forwarded by the MSFC to the Nortel network ( This results in the 5000BH seeing only the MSFCs MAC resulting in all traffic being forwarded on a single link from the Cisco network to the Nortel network.

4/ Traffic from the Nortel network to the Cisco network is spread over all for links in the MLT as different end-station MACs are seen by the 5000BH as the source.

I have tried several methods to connect the networks including:

1/ Cisco 6509 --Gig--> Baystack 450 --400Mb MLT--> 5000BH

2/ Cisco 6509 --FEC/MLT--> 5000BH

3/ Cisco 6509 --GIG--> XLR 1200 --400Mb MLT--> 5000BH (The routing between the 172.24 and 10.0 networks moved to the XLR 1200)

To date the best we have achieved is 200Mbps (Cisco to Nortel) and 3000Mbps (Nortel to Cisco) connecting the 6509 directly to the 5000BH using FEC/MLT.

Any ideas as to how I can get 400Mbps in both directions would be much appreciated.



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Re: GEC to Nortel MLT

Check the LAN Switching support page. Might help you.

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