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General Question about switches

Currently, we have 3 3com switches with a gigabit uplink to our 4006 switch and all of my servers (that can do gigabit) plug into one of these three. I suggested, we replace these one of 10/100 switches with a new gigabit module (48 port) for our 4006 and plug all of the servers into that. Another admin I work with, disagrees and doesn't see the benefit to doing that. I am just starting in the network portion (systems right now) but this sounds like a good idea.

Can someone direct me to the correct answer?

Thank you


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Re: General Question about switches


The answer is not as simple as it seems,

It depends on the trafic your servers are supposed to handle, ie: the number of users allowed to access to each server.

For a server offering services to all the users (as mail server), your idea to connect it to the 4005 is good because of his performances.

But for a server offering services to a particular group of users, it is preferable to leave him connected to the same acces switch (3Com switch in your case) in order to keep this trafic located on the same switch

Hope this will help.


Re: General Question about switches

Just be careful, 4006 chassis is NOT wirespeed.

The whole chassis has one 64 Gbps switching engine (if Supervisor Engine III installed, see for details).

So depending on the number of Gigabit servers connected and the real throughput ou could oversubscribe it.



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