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Generic traffic shaping and FrameRelay links

Our company uses frame relay links between some of the offices. When I've looked to link's statistics, I've found, that on some of the links we have many ingress discards and all of them in direction from "fast" port to "slow" one. When I've told about this to our telecom provider, they've limited traffic rate for particular subinterfaces using TRAFFIC-SHAPE RATE command, but it doesn't help because CIR on all our links is lower, than port speed. I've checked some CISCO papers regarding generic traffic shaping and found, that there is one more command (specially for frame relay) TRAFFIC-SHAPE ADAPTIVE. I've asked our telecom provider why they don't use this command and they told me that they don't recommend to use it "since the implementation is a little different between Cisco (Routers) and Nortel (FR-Backbone)" and perfomance will be downgraded.

My question is: is there any ways to solve this ingress discards problem without significant downgrade of perfomance limiting traffic rate according port speed as well as according CIR. I don't want to increase CIR at the moment.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Generic traffic shaping and FrameRelay links


Any time you are going from Cisco to non-Cisco, issues can arise. Are you doing traffic shaping, because they requested it? Can it be removed? Could I see your configuration? What is your ckt size and CIR on each pvc?


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Re: Generic traffic shaping and FrameRelay links

Thanks! :(

The situation is: when we complained about high rate of ingress discards, our provider said that they've done some changes to prevent it. The change was implementing this traffic shaping. So I don't know was it the best way to solve this problem.

An example of our configuration:

A - hub site. Port speed 2M. 7 sites connected.

B - site. Port speed 256. A -> B CIR 128.

C - site. Port speed 512. A -> C CIR 128

D - site. Port speed 192. A -> D CIR 16.


I can not supply you fragments of configuration scrips, I hope that information above will be enough to understand the situation.

As I can understand, so high rate of ingress discards we have because router with high speed port (2M, for example) push data to network much faster, than network or port can accept. Now we limited port speed, but still can not bind the speed of data pushing to CIR.

Sorry for stupid question - what does it mean "ckt"?

Thank you for reply.


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