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Getting Rid of the Flat Network

Ok heres the Issue, I have a Flat network that currently supports over 400 Pcs on one subnet in a 10. scheme. I have one 6509 and six 4006 one 3548xl. No i know we are severly underutilzing these beasts. I want to get everyone off this flat network, too many chaty services are running. (you know the deal) all the switches run using two gigabit blades which run back to the 6509. we are running a win2000 network and have a DMZ to consider. DHCP is the way we distribute the ip scheme. now any ideas as to how to tackle this beast the most effieciant ways possible. anny ideas or comments will be uselfull. I have an ideas as to how to do it but would like input from another perspective. Thanks in advance. !

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Re: Getting Rid of the Flat Network

Yes, the solution is to hire a Senior Network Com Analyst.


Re: Getting Rid of the Flat Network

I'd start by considering what sort of design you really want--do you want a collapsed backbone, or a real backbone? How many segments are you thinking? I'd probably say two for users, one for servers, and one for the dmz at this moment, would do the trick.



Re: Getting Rid of the Flat Network

Do you have a MSFC in your 6509?

In terms of design .. 2 to 4 user Vlans, a server vlan, and a WAN router vlan would be a start.

Security best practices would have your DMZ isolated on a separate switch connected to your firewall(s).

In terms of implementation .. The configuration of your switches and routers (MSFC?) can be scripted prior to implementing and quickly pasted in when its time to execute. Prepare a DHCP server with scopes for each user vlan. Also, make sure you are using WINS! Vlaning an NT/Win2K network without WINS is a disaster in the making.


Brad H.

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Re: Getting Rid of the Flat Network

The short version:

1)Create VTP domain

2)Create Spanning tree domain

3)Configure Layer three routing device. Do the sups have MSFC's or are you using an external device to route.

4)Configure VLAN's

5)Get a spare testing switch. Can you use the 3548? Or buy a cheap one. The success of the project is more inportant than a couple hundred dollars.

6)Trunk to this switch and set a Lab.

7)Get desktop guy to test every app and create checklist

8)Cutover a floor

9) If all goes well continue

10) Go to restaurant and have company pay for it!

Obviously it is not that simple. I have done it about 30 times and that is the jist. The long version is too long.

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