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Ghost Multicast - works here, not there

I have a problem with multicast Ghost imaging - it works on one switch but not another. I've seen the posts recommending unicast and I agree but we *do* have many cases where multiple s/w development PCs must be reimaged quickly.

I have C3524-XL switches in each floor IDF, fed by Gig fiber from the same 6509/MSFC2 switch. Each C3524 also feeds Nortel BayStack450 switches via 100/FDX copper ports. The 3524 configs are identical (except for allowed VLANs on the BS450 feed trunks, and access VLANs on the other 100Base ports), and are running the same exact Catalyst IOS image "12.0(5.3)WC(1)". Running Ghost multicast on the A1 switch runs fine, either with the Ghost server and PC client both on the 3524, or with the PC client on the BayStack. But on the A4 floor, Ghost multicast won't work with the client in either spot (3524 port nor BayStack port).

I've looked at the IGMP and CGMP "show" output - all identical. We have not configured any multicast "feature" intentionally and I don't see anything unintentional either. We have no need for it to run inter-VLAN, I just want it to run between switch ports on the same VLAN.

Can anyone give me a *CLUE* where to look next? TIA


Re: Ghost Multicast - works here, not there

Is CGMP properly configured in this setup ? Does it follow the config mentioned in the "Constraining Multicast traffic on the same vlan" document ?


Basically you need to configure "IP pim" on the msfc vlan interface so that it can act as the IGMP querier, and also enable "ip cgmp" on the msfc vlan interface so that CGMP can work properly since the XL switches support CGMP only.

Does the multicast MAC address for the ghost service show up on the cat6k mac table and also on the A4 switch MAC table ?

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