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Gigabit Backbone

At the present time our top switch (C2924) is connected to the router with 100mbps fiber. As this switch is old and has only 4MB memory, we would like to upgrade it to take advantage of the backbone upgrade (Gigabit). All our switches are Cisco - 4 2924M-XL-EN; 4 2924-XL-EN; 1 3508G-XL-EN. We have our servers running Gigabit to the 3508. Which switch should we buy to replace the top switch going to the router and how would that fit in with the switches.

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Re: Gigabit Backbone

Hi Ron,

What switch you choose depends on what you port density and speeds you require, are you looking at VLANs? Do you want high concentrations of gigabit?? (for your servers)??

If high amounts of gigabit are your perferance (for your servers) and you'd like to implement VLANs and Intervlan routing, then a Cat 6000 or similar is the way to go, it can utilise large amounts of giga(96ports+ I think). It will have no problem connecting to your Router via fibre (wierd connection there, why not UTP)

What you choose depends on what you intend to have no, and down the line. In any case plan for the future as networks grow VERY fast :)

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Re: Gigabit Backbone

Hi Ron, Presuming that you can't upgrade your link to your router you are limited to replacing your 2924C for a newer version of the same as there are no stackable switches (that I know of) which mix GBIC and 100BaseFX. Alternatively, with your current setup, you could buy a 3548XL using GBICs for the downlinks and a 100BaseTX to 100BaseFX media converter for the uplink to your router... Good luck whatever you decide and happy holidays!

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