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Gigabit network speed tester

Does anyone know of a good cable throughput tester? Not a pin out, but to verify that the switches are running at what they are set to run. We are moving to GIG and ran all new CAT6, and our VP wants to make sure that we can run fully or as close to a GIG as we can get.



Re: Gigabit network speed tester

I have not seen a host yet that can push or pull a gig. I dont work in a scientific environment but we do have some pretty new IBM hosts and I have not seen them break 120 mb. I have read that someone who was expecting 600-800mb was only getting 180-200. Point is, they have put gig interfaces into many hosts that cannot puch them to their limit and likewise I dont know of any equipment outside of the r&d world that can test the limits of a gig network. If anyone has hosts pushing the limits I'd like to hear about it too.


Re: Gigabit network speed tester

A good cable installer can check your cable with a Bit Rate Error Tester (BERT) that pushes bit patterns through the cable and reads them at the other end. This is different from the cable certification test equipment that performs crosstalk and continuity tests.

I would expect this type of equipment is too pricy for occasional use. The cable guys should be able to run the tests if the big boss has a big budget to satisfy curiosity.

Otherwise, installed cable that passes CAT6 certification from a calibrated tester should work as expected. Be sure to get a certification report on each cable drop and a copy of the calibration report.

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