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gigehternet channel

we are currently in the process of converting from 3com to cisco for our lan.

We went with a 4503 with 2 -10/100/1000 24 port blades and a sup 4 engine as out core. We then went with 2950-t-24 in all the closets and server cabnits.

We are running gig to the closets. Is it possible for the server cabnits to configure a gigether channel from the 4503 to the 2950-t-24's I have read from 3550's and 4000's but not the 2950-t-24's. We are looking to take the 2 10/100/1000 interfaces on the 2950's and makeing a 2 gig line from the 4503 to them.

If this is possible, I know the commands to do this, but I am confused if I need to create the channel on just the 4503 or all the switches I want to bond together.

Any help would be appriciated.



Re: gigehternet channel

It is possible to do Etherchannel between the 4000 and 2950's you have. Configuration will need to be done on each device you want to channel with. Here is a good link on Etherchannel configuration on the 2950's that should show you all needed commands.

Hope this helps you,


Cisco Employee

Re: gigehternet channel

You'll need to configure it both on the 2950 as well as the 4503. The following page has some sample configs as well

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